Cutting of Ties is a very powerful healing technique that can help release negative relationships, negative patterns or energy ties to something that is causing pain.  It is important to let go of certain situations that are no longer good for us, but many people find this very difficult to do alone. 
"Letting Go" of something that is causing pain or emotional upset can be very freeing and healing.  It is usually important so that a person can move on with their lives and heal completely.


It is important to note, that Only Negative Ties Can Be Cut and you will never cut positive ties to a person, place or situation.



After a Cutting of Ties is complete, the situation/Bad relationship/Worry/(What you are trying to Cut away from) - may seem more magnified for a short while and then will ease as the energy settles.  You may need to do a Cutting of Ties a couple of times on a particularly difficult situation, but you should leave it about 3 months before trying the process again in order to let the energy settle.   You will know yourself when the right time to do this is. 
During and after a Cutting of Ties it is important to receive healing, or to self heal if you do healing yourself.  You may also feel tired after a Cutting of Ties session.  This is normal as you have energetically "let go" of something that has been draining you.  You should feel much happier and stronger soon after.  Be good to yourself afterwards as you have done something very special and powerful for yourself.
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