Distance Healings / Distance Attunements




All our attunements can be sent via distance. When working with energy time and space make no difference. The attunement works the same way as if in person. There are two types of distance attunements that you can follow.

1.      Real Time

2.      Chi Ball Method (Call In Method)

All our attunements can be sent in Real time, which is agreed, by both the client and us at Healing Harmony. When the time is agreed, the client will have themselves in a relaxed atmosphere and willing to receive in the attunement.

The second way is by the ‘Chi Ball Method’ or ‘Call In Method’. This method is sometimes seen as more appropriate as you can call in the attunement when you have the time or when it is appropriate.    To call in the attunement, all that you need to do is simply ask for the attunement and the attunement will be set up for you in the form of a Chi Ball of energy that you can call this in at any time you feel is appropriate to do so. Both attunements will give the same results. You will receive the same attunement but using the Chi Ball method, you are in charge of deciding when you want to call it in. Once your Chi Ball is ready for you, you will receive an email from Healing Harmony.



About ten minutes before the arranged time to receive the attunement (or before you are about to call in your Chi Ball) relax and get yourself comfortable. Maybe put on some relaxing music and light a candle. You could burn incense or whatever you find helps to relax you. Turn of phones and put a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door in case someone might interrupt you. Try and ask people to not disturb you for a set amount of time for 30-45 minutes. Some people also like to use crystals during this time to help set the mood and really allow yourself to relax and accept in the energy.



Yes it is. As the practitioner is a channel for the energy to flow through to the client, it works on the same premise. The practitioner then sends the healing to the client via symbols. Some people prefer to have distance healing as they can be more relaxed in their own time and space.



If straight after the attunement you feel light-headed or dizzy it may mean that you are not fully grounded. This should be check right away and it is easy to sort out. You can ground yourself completely in a few different ways by doing any of the following:

·        Eat something

·        Drink Something (preferably water).

·        Walk around in your bare feet (preferably on the grass or ground)

·        Hold a grounding crystal, like Hematite or Smoky Quartz for example.

·        Jump up and down or clap your hands.

·        Running water over your hands.


Any questions about Distance Healings or Attunements, please contact Us